Resource Recommendations

Ichthys - Bible Studies for Spiritual Growth, By Dr. Robert D. Luginbill

A great teaching ministry by Dr. Robert D. Luginbill (a Classics professor at the University of Louisville) dedicated to helping the spiritual growth of other believers. Contains systematic Bible Basics series, the Coming Tribulation, the Peter Series, the Satanic Rebellion, and more.

Bible Academy, By Curtis M. Omo

A great verse by verse teaching ministry by Curtis M. Omo, covering various books of the Bible.

BibleDocs, By Steven W. Tammen

Another teaching ministry I highly recommend, written by a good friend and peer of mine.

Resources for Teachers and Lay Christians (non-teachers) Both

Books about the Bible Itself

“A Students Guide to Textual Criticism of the Bible” - By Paul D. Wegner

Books on Church, Ancient, and Jewish History, Culture, and Society

“A History of the Ancient World" - By Chester G. Starr

“A History of the Christian Church” - By Williston Walker

“New Testament History" - By Richard L. Niswonger

“The Greeks: History, Culture, and Society” - By Ian Morris/Barry B. Powell

“A History of Israel From the Bronze Age Through the Jewish Wars” - By Walter C. Kaiser Jr. and Paul D. Wegner

Commentaries, Dictionaries, and Surveys

“Unger’s Commentary on the Old Testament” - By Merrill F. Unger

“The Bible Knowledge Commentary” - Old and New Testaments

“The New Unger’s Bible Dictionary” - By Merrill F. Unger
“A Survey of Israel’s History” - By Leon J. Wood

Bible Atlases and Geography

Oxford Bible Atlas” - By Adrian Curtis

“The New Moody Atlas of the Bible” - By Barry J. Beitzel


Vocabulary for Greek and other classical languages

Blue Letter Bible- Helpful for intext study in the original languages. Very helpful for those who don’t know Greek and Hebrew.