Large Topical Studies

The large topical studies are a more focused and in-depth examination of biblically-related subjects. They are viewed from the lens of Scripture and designed to cover more information.

Small Topical Studies

The small topical studies cover a wider variety of smaller biblical passages and Scripturally related subjects while still emphasizing particular points and truths about the topic itself.

Notes Through the Epistles and Other New Testament Books

These notes cover each and every verse of various biblical passages. At present, the focus is more on specific passages than entire books.


This ministry aims to help advance the spiritual growth, progress, and production of other believers seeking a deeper understanding of some of Scripture's most essential teachings. Considering there is little in-depth Bible teaching in most churches today (as well as a host of false teachings and doctrines), there are very few places a believer can receive proper spiritual nutrition. Thus, like the other ministries I recommend on this site, BibleDriven is designed to help "fill in the gap" to the extent that it is able to do so.

Fielding questions

This ministry takes questions over email (—I encourage readers to ask questions if you have them.

There is much learning and encouragement that can be taken from seeing the questions and experiences of other believers, so it is my desire to share them with others who may find them useful, when possible. Consequently, as they accumulate over time, I will post reader questions and my answers to them.

All questions and discussions with correspondents will only be posted live on this website with their prior permission. All names will be kept anonymous. Unless given the thumbs up, I won't be posting any messages sent to the email address on this website.

Stay up to date

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